CALM TALK 112 | Multi-functional Halide Perovskites for High-Performance Optoelectronics
发布人:张妮  发布时间:2019-10-08   

报告题目:Multi-functional Halide Perovskites for High-Performance Optoelectronics


报告时间:20191014 1400


主持人:王明 特聘研究员



    王凯博士于2017年获美国阿克伦大(The University of Akron)学高分子系博士学位,毕业后在美国弗吉尼亚理工大学(Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)从事博士后研究,现任美国宾夕法尼亚州立大学(The Pennsylvania State University)材料系助理研究教授。Dr. Wang主要研究方向包括有机半导体,有机无机杂化钙钛矿半导体,生物电子材料及相关功能型光电子器件,涉及材料科学,器件物理等多个热点领域。近五年内在太阳能电池,光电探测器,二维材料,光热转换器件等方面以一作或通讯身份在Science Advance, Joule, Energy & Environmental Science, Chemical Society Reviews, Progress in Materials Science, ACS nano, Advanced Energy Materials, ACS Energy Letters, Nano Energy, Advanced Functional Materials等国际著名期刊发表>20篇学术论文并已获得2项美国专利。Google scholar 引用>2000次,h-index 24


     Halide perovskite materials have become one of the research hot topics in the field of optoelectronics, demonstrating superior solar electricity conversion efficiency over 25% and high performance in photodetectors lasers and light emitting diodes (LEDs). In this talk, we will present several recent progresses in our group following but not limited to above directions, including i) strategies for simultaneously improving the solar cell stability and efficiency, ii) defect-free single-crystalline perovskite, and iii) unexpected discoveries of highly conductive layer edge states (LES) in 2D perovskite. We will show the fundamentals from molecular scale of the halide perovskite and their structural expansion to lower-dimensional derivatives, which combinedly have exhibited superior performance in photovoltaic, photo-detector, and photothermal applications. These materials and inhered physical merits will provide a new avenue towards multi-functional optoelectronic applications and novel directions to interdisciplinary researches.