CALM TALK 165 | Next-Generation Static & Dynamic Light Scattering with the LS Spectrometer
发布人:张妮  发布时间:2024-05-08   

报告人:Ian Block 博士

主持人:刘庚鑫 特聘研究员

时间:202459日(星期四) 10: 00


报告人简介:Ian graduated with a BS from Cornell University and a PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, both in electrical engineering. He has expertise in optical analytical instruments, light scattering techniques and its applications. He previously served as a scientist and the first Chief Technology Officer at LS Instruments AG. In these roles he led the development of some of the company's key technologies and first products. Ian is now the Chief Commercial Officer at LS Instruments AG and is responsible for the company's commercial strategy, growth and application support for customers worldwide.

报告摘要:The LS Spectrometer is a modern goniomter-based static & dynamic light scattering instrument for advanced colloid and polymer characterization. It provides measurement of key physical polymer characteristics including molecular weight, second virial coefficient and radius of gyration. Characterization of non-ergodic systems such as high concentration or cross-linked polymers is also possible. Variable-angle dynamic light scattering and a free-solution approach enables measurement of complex size distributions even for very large polymers as well as shape characterization and rotational dynamics. By leveraging a patented 'Modulated 3D Cross Correlation' technique for multiple light scattering suppression, the platform provides accurate and reliable measurements of diffusion coefficients at any concentration.