CALM TALK 056 | Charge and Light Management in Organic Solar Cells
发布人:张妮  发布时间:2017-06-22   

主题:Charge and Light Management in Organic Solar Cells
主讲人:唐正 博士




主讲人简介Zheng Tang is currently a Humboldt fellow at Institute of Applied Photo-physics of Dresden University of Technology, Germany. He received his PhD degree in early 2014, and was an assistant professor in 2015-2016, at Linkoping University, Sweden. His research interests include loss mechanisms at surface and interfaces in organic optoelectronic devices; charge generation and recombination mechanisms in organic semiconductors; and light management methods.

讲座摘要In this talk, Dr. Tang will give an introduction to the fast developing field of organic photovoltaics, and he will discuss methods to improve device performance from the perspective of a device physicist. Last but not least, he will present the first highly efficient organic micro cavity photovoltaic devices. These novel optical cavity devices, built upon a unique idea of exploiting the photoresponse through enhancing the weakly absorbing intermolecular charge transfer (CT) states, are highly promising for low-cost spectroscopic photodetection and have great potential in applications such as wearable and bio-integrable optoelectronics.