CALM TALK 039 | Understanding the Device Physics of Organic Field-effect Transistors
发布人:朱晓旭  发布时间:2017-04-08   

主题:  Understanding the Device Physics of Organic Field-effect Transistors

主讲人: 胡袁源 博士

地点:   东华大学先进低维材料中心学术交流室(2号学院楼西6楼2632室)

时间:  2017-04-11(周二)14:00


   主讲人简介:胡袁源博士2008于南京大学获得学士学位;2011年于国家纳米科学中心获得硕士学位;2015年于剑桥大学获得博士学位;2015年至今为加州大学圣巴巴拉分校Center for Polymers and Organic Solids博士后。主要研究兴趣为:1) 有机半导体物理,如有机半导体的电荷传输机理以及光电性质; 2) 有机半导体器件物理,如OFET, OPV和OLED中的器件物理;3)基于有机半导体的应用,如柔性电路,可穿戴/拉伸电子等。目前已在Advanced Materials, ACS Nano, Advanced Energy Materials, Science Advances, Applied Physics Letters等期刊上发表文章14篇,其中第一作者(通讯作者)8篇。

   报告摘要Organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) are the most elementary devices in organic electronics and are the core components for realizing flexible displays, flexible electronics and wearable/stretchable electronics. Understanding the device physics in OFETs, which includes the charge transport physics of organic semiconductors (OSCs), the charge injection physics at metal/OSC contact or the charge trapping physics, is critical to the development of high-performance OFETs and to the commercialization of related products. In this presentation, the speaker will introduce his recent work on investigating the device physics of OFETs and also the outlook of future research opportunities and directions.